We’re excited to share the latest news, thanks to the support of friends Tenunkoe, we have beeen successfully selected as one of the Sustainable Solutions featured in the publication Sustainia 100 2016.

Sustainia is a Danish research institute that helps public and private organizations create a more sustainable future with innovative solutions that are available now. Sustainia’s mission is to make innovation in business models for the future, Sustainia does this by issuing Sustainia 100, an annual guide which feature 100 innovative sustainable solutions from around the world.

Sustania 100 identifies the projects that have been or are running around the world who spearhead continuous innovation in order to provide insight to the business sector, policy makers and consumers to support the sustainable choices.


SoMe Sustainia100 2016

The innovations in Sustainia 100 are selected and screened by independent sustainability experts from 20 research organizations, including: Yale University, WWF, Acumen and Ellen MacArthur Foundation; and sponsored by Realdania.

On June 7, 2016 Sustainia 100 2016 was published, focusing on solutions that respond to global challenges which carried the Sustainable Development Goals.

Tenunkoe was selected as one of the solutions because Tenunkoe provides training and education for women weavers in Kupang. The sustainability factor lies in the fact that in many developing countries, the backbone of the economy are micro-enterprises in the informal sector. Micro businesses generally have difficulty developing because of the issue of access to the formal sector. By providing a variety of training and capacity building, Tenunkoe help women weavers to overcome this obstacle; creating economic growth while promoting gender equality.

This is the fifth year of Sustainia 100 publication, and in 2016 this 100 chosen solution has been running in 188 countries, and more than half of the solution are of the small and medium enterprise sector. This publication is significant because this year more people who understand the importance of sustainability issues with the  existence of Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainia 100 maps each solution according to SDG to point to possible consumer. And this year more parties make policies and actions based on sustainability because of the UNFCCC. At the end of 2015, 195 countries adopted a global climate agreement that is enforceable. Sustainia 100 shows anywhere there are parties with real action on the basis of the value of sustainability.

To be able to read more about Tenunkoe in Sustainia100, you can access it on page 102 in https://issuu.com/sustainia/docs/sustainia100_2016 or http://www.sustainia.me/solutions/.